At Green Thumb Nurseries we believe in providing exceptional customer service and supplying the best quality plants possible.  Founded in 1959 at its current location, Green Thumb Nurseries has grown to become the largest nursery on Vancouver Island.  Over this time we have experienced many trends and new varieties allowing us to better judge what is now occurring.  We have been able to test many of our varieties thoroughly and for that reason we are continuing to grow much of the same product as we did years ago only updating what we have assessed and determined to be better.  Our selection of sizes ranges from ground cover in liners and plants in small containers to 25 gal containers, to basket grown trees, B&B and even large specimen trees.  A majority of the product is propagated on site ensuring control of the growing process right from the beginning.   This permits our staff to oversee the entire process of bringing a plant up to saleable size allowing us to have better control over product quality.

We are currently working on reducing our use of pesticides to the lowest rate possible.  To do this we are integrating biological controls such as predatory insects and nematodes.  Over the last couple of years we have discovered that in most cases these controls work much better and have a longer period of effectiveness than chemical controls available.  In addition to this, our plants are hand weeded to ensure cleanliness without the need for spreading per-emergent herbicides over our products.

Our large 45 acre site located in Nanaimo is perfectly situated to serve all of Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland with ease.  With easy access to Vancouver Island highways and having the ferries to Vancouver only 10km / 16 min. (Horseshoe Bay) and 28km / 22 min. (Duke Point) away Green Thumb Nurseries is conveniently located for shipping.  Being located in Nanaimo we are centrally located with a relatively short drive to most locations on Vancouver Island.

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