Below are the links to our availability lists.  Everything that is grown in a container will be under the separate list categories under Potted Plants while the lists under Field Grown Stock will contain everything from small B&B to some of our largest trees.  We do have some very large specimen plants on site which are not on the list.  If these interest you please contact us.

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Summer Flowers Beginning to Show

Launch _MG_9024

Along with the nice weather we have been having until this week, the perennials and many other plants have been growing quickly.  After the brutal winter we are now seeing great growing conditions.  Here is a small selection of the many plants that are looking good right now.  This week will see a spec truck down island followed by one up island.  There are many more perennials on their way to being ready soon and we look forward showing them soon!  

Mother’s Day Colour!

Launch Azalea japonica Amoena

With Mother’s Day this weekend we will all be looking for some colour.  Here is a selection of our 1 gallon Azalea japonica crop which is just coming into bloom now.  I have also included a few ferns with their lush new growth and the Picea abies Acrocona with its purple cones.  There is one image of a large 20 gallon Tree Fern (Dicksonia antartica), these generally measure 7 to 8 feet to the top of the fronds and we have a range of single…

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